Zoom at The Greater NY Online Scholastic Chess Championships!

Saturday - Sunday, January 30 - 31, 2021

Zoom Requirements for Online Scholastic Events:

2-Day Championship Sections:

A side-rear view zoom camera is required, preferred is a double camera setup with video on showing the player in their playing environment with view of the screen. Players without a side/rear view will not be eligible for individual title, free entry prizes or qualification for future event, and count for team score for title. All players are required to be on zoom with at least one camera.

1-Day Class Sections:

Players must be visible on zoom with at least one camera during their tournament games, preferred is to have a side-rear view camera.


Zoom camera angle

Guidance for joining Zoom Meeting Rooms:

Make sure to test Zoom by arriving early (~30 min) to the event. We also recommend attending a walkthrough of how to setup Zoom if this is offered during the week prior to the event.

Players may leave the Zoom area once they have completed their game for that round. They should expect to rejoin their Zoom meeting rooms 15 minutes before the next scheduled round.

Correct Zoom links by section is posted on ICC!

Zoom Rules:

Players must be visible on Zoom during their games, using their real first and last names.

Side/rear view cameras should be set so that they display the player, the player's screen and the surrounding playing area. The best location for this camera is on a separate device, clearly showing the player, the playing screen and and the surrounding area. The camera angle should be behind the user, possibly using a cell phone, that allows a view of the entire chess board, monitor, and mouse. Fixed laptop, desktop or Mac cameras are allowable.

No headphones or headsets will be allowed once games have started.

Follow all directions given by the Zoom TD, and please keep in mind these might be in verbal announcements, screen shared visual aids, or most importantly direct chats.

The Zoom TD may on occasion require that Zoom cameras be adjusted if a player falls out of view or their side/rear view camera in order to see the screen and the playing environment.

Hint: Having Zoom running separate from your internet connection reduces the possibility of lag affecting your connectivity due to bandwidth issues for some, i.e. game board possibly freezing. Make sure you test Zoom and your webcam before the event starts!

Players with the wrong Zoom requirements, not following zoom TD directions, or who are not present on Zoom will usually be given a warning before there is any penalty.

Being on Zoom and ICC is not the same thing! Players must be logged into ICC as well as the Zoom call in order to play in the tournament.

Bathroom Policy:

For Online Regular rated play (G/25+5 & slower), up to two bathroom breaks are allowed per round. Additional bathroom breaks may be taken, but excessive breaks may be penalized at the tournament director's discretion and may be a factor considered in "fair play" measures.

Before going on a bathroom break, players must type "bathroom" in the Zoom chat with a Zoom TD and type “back” once they return.

A player may not leave for a bathroom break while on move.

NOTE: Players are warned that improvement of play after a bathroom break is considered highly suspicious and, depending on other factors, could lead to a player being forfeited and/or removed from the tournament.