Registration for The Greater NY Online Scholastic Chess Championships!

Saturday - Sunday, January 30 - 31, 2021

How to register at OnlineRegistration, ICC and USCF.

The registration process for the tournament consists of two parts.

The first part to registering for the tournament are to make sure your ICC is account is set up and working properly, so you are ready to play over the Internet. When you register for our tournament, you also get a free 6-month ICC membership as well, which allows you the right to play in many ICC events, attend instructional sessions or just play casual games and converse with other players.

The second part of the registration process is to register and pay for the tournament itself, and to make sure you enter the correct section on the correct day(s), with your correct school. This part will also require to update and pay for your USCF membership as well (if necessary).

  1. Sign up for an Internet Chess Club account if you don’t already have one. There is no charge to set up a temporary account. This will give you an ICC Username, which you can use to play Chess on ICC for fun, sign up for lessons, play in serious tournaments, and converse with other players.
  2. Registration is now closed!
  3. You need a current USCF membership to play in a US Chess Federation nationally-rated tournaments. This is a separate membership from ICC, and if you are not a member, you can pay the membership dues when you register for the tournament using the above link.
  4. Please send an email to us at and remember to tell us your name, your USCF ID and your ICC Username, and we can link your ICC Username with your USCF ID. We will also extend your ICC membership for 6 months at no additional charge (limit one free ICC account per USCF member; membership extensions will only be applied to the same ICC Username).
  5. Your ICC Username MUST be linked with your USCF ID before you can play in the tournament! (Otherwise, you will not be included in the pairings.)