If you have registered in advance and you are not going to attend the tournament, please make sure that you inform the Tournament Director about this at least one hour before the game time. We do not want to pair you, causing your opponent to wait for you not to show up and then have you lose your game on forfeit. To contact the Tournament Director, please send an email to director@gnyscc.com (with a copy to webmaster@gnyscc.com) and indicate your name, USCF ID number and which section of the tournament you have entered. Beginning 7:30 pm Friday February 3rd, please also call the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott Hotel at 718-246-7000 and ask for “the Chess Tournament.” Please do not leave any messages with the hotel switchboard, as they might not be delivered in time to prevent you from receiving a forfeit loss on your game.


If you had to cancel, we will keep your entire entry fee as a credit towards the entry fee for next year's tournament. If you wish to request a refund instead, please email us at director@gnyscc.com by February 17th. There is a $15 service charge to process refunds. We will try to complete all the requests for refunds (less $15 service charge) by March 6th (depending on when the request was received).

We forward membership dues to the US Chess Federation (USChess) and they decide independent of us if they are willing to issue refunds.


The tournament will use the February 2017 Official USCF Rating List. No tournaments which end after January 18 should be included on the February 2017 Official USCF Rating List. Unofficial ratings at www.uschess.org will usually be used for players who are not rated on the February 2017 USCF Official Rating List.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to assign estimated ratings for players with non-USCF-ratings.

Please direct all tournament emails to director@gnyscc.com


For placement in the tournament, go here.

For rating changes this is the place to go. The rating lists on the US Chess Federation website DO NOT INCLUDE ANY TIEBREAKS! They are often listed in a different order than the order in which we award the trophies, because our standings include the tiebreaks!

The US Chess FAQ explains it like this: "We do sort the crosstables into point group order. Within a point group, players are in order by their post-event rating."


  • A half point bye is an unrated draw without play or an opponent. If you are unable to play a round, you may request a half-point bye.
  • Non-Championship sections: The limit is 2 half-points byes.
    Championship sections: The limit is 3 half-point byes.
  • If you wish to take a half-point bye before arriving at the tournament, such as round 1 or rounds 1 and 2, you can request this by email to director@gnyscc.com or byes@gnyscc.com
  • If you wish to take a half-point bye that will occur after you begin play, this should be requested at the tournament site.
  • We would like at least one hour notice for bye requests. In addition, the deadline for requesting half-point byes is before Round 3.
  • If you missed the deadline to request half-point bye you can still skip a round by giving at least one hour notice, but you will receive a zero-point bye instead.
  • If you do not tell the tournament director beforehand (we request one hour's notice), you receive a forfeit loss for that game and risk being withdrawn from the tournament.

Please direct all tournament emails to director@gnyscc.com

Other sources of information

The Chess Center of NY has a page here.