Entry fees

The fee is $50 per player through December 26th, $57 after that through January 6th and finally $70 through January 8th.

There's no online registration after midnight (EST) January 8th! The onsite fees are $80 per player (beginning on the evening the 9th until 8:30 am on the day of the tournament), and then $100 per player from 8:30-9:00 am.

If you enter four or more players from the same school, on the same registration, a discount of $5 per player will be given through January 6th.

Note that section changes after the initial registration comes with a $15 change fee.

Round times

Varsity section games start at 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm both days. Awards ceremonies at about 6:30 pm Sunday.

Non-Varsity section rounds start at 10 am, 12 pm, 1:30 pm, 3 pm and 4:30 pm Saturday or Sunday. Awards ceremonies at about 6:30 pm.

(We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the first round, to get familiarized with the playing area and the tournament setup.)


The January 2015 USCF ratings will be used for this tournament. Unofficial USCF ratings will usually be used for players otherwise unrated.

The tournament director reserves the right to assign estimated ratings to players with non-USCF ratings.


A bye is skipped game. If you do not tell the tournament director beforehand, a skipped game is called a forfeit and gives zero points. You also risk being considered withdrawn and be removed from the next round pairing.

If instead you ask the TD for a half-point bye ahead of time, you get a half point and will be paired for the next round.

In a 5-games tournament, you can ask for at most 2 half-point byes, with 6-games you get 3 byes at most. These half point results are unrated, but do count for placement and prizes. You register byes for round 1 and 2 online, byes for round 3 and later must be registered at the tournament, and be commited to before round 3.


Players are eligible for both individual, team and free entry prizes! In the High School sections you are also eligible for Mixed Doubles Prizes.

Individual prizes

Trophies are awarded in each section to the Top 12 and the top 3 Unrateds not in the Top 12.

In High School Under 1400, plaques are also awarded to the top 2 each grade: 7-9.

In Junior High Under 700, plaques are also awarded to the top 2 each grade: 4-6.

In K-1 Varsity, plaques are also awarded to the top 6 K/below (you can win both a plaque and trophy).

Anyone scoring 4 or more (5 or more in Varsity) who doesn't win a trophy receives a medal instead!

Team prizes

Two or more players from the same school in the same section make a team, but the school's four top-scoring players produce its team score.

Trophies are awarded in each section to the Top 6 teams.

Free Entry prizes

This year free entries will be for a big selection of Continental Chess Tournaments!

The four top-scoring players, the two top-scoring school teams and the top 2 Mixed Doubles teams win months of free entries. (Free entry prizes do not include the NY State Scholastics in Saratoga.)

High School Mixed Doubles Bonus Prizes

Teams of one male and one female player, who may be from different schools and sections. The average Mixed Double team rating must be under 2000, and must be declared onsite by round 2.

The Top 2 Mixed Doubles “Teams” win months of free entries! Special engraved chess sets will be awarded to both players on third, fourth and fifth place.